Bingo and Tombola What are the distinctions between both games? Bingo and Tombola are raffle games that involve finishing numbered squares on a ticket. While both games use numbers and keys, each has its gameplay technique and visuals. 

What Is Tombola

Tombola is a raffle game where players or participants have numbered cards or tickets. A host, or commentator, calls out one number that they draw one at a time. If the number is called, participants cover square numbers with plastic pieces (in Italy, gamers use actual dried beans to mark a number if they run out of the details).

There are numerous rounds in one tombola session, which finishes when a player satisfies the conditions below.

First Five Significant the very first 5 varieties of the card.

Circle: When a gamer gets the third number at the top and bottom row along with the second and 4th variety of the center row.

Pyramid– Getting the third number on the top row, second and also 4th number on the middle row, and the initial, 3rd, and fifth number at the bottom.

Top-Line: A player has all 5 numbers to complete the top row.

Full-House: All 15 numbers on the card are called.

When a gamer finishes with a ticket among the winning patterns, they obtain an equivalent price to the problems. As soon as the winner rewards the winner, the tombola session continues until the next person completes the following winning condition.

Tombola is more than just an easy raffle video game for different societies and countries. In Italy, it is a Christmas activity held by family members and other communities.

Numbers in the video game have indicated to Italians such as 25, which is the birthday of Christ and Xmas day. A tombola host will shout “Venticinque Natale” upon attracting 25. They will also scream “Trentatre– Llʹanne Gesu Cristo” upon attracting 33, which is the variety of years Jesus lived. The Italians’ significances for numbers include 1 as L’Italia or Italy and 20 as La Festa or banquet.


Bingo has similar gameplay as Tombola, where players note the number on their card each time a host calls out that number. Apart from the number, the host calls out a letter that refers to the number, such as B 7 or G 56, or they can often call out the label for each bingo number phone call.

In Bingo, a host can bring up to 75 numbers into play, while the Australian and British versions have up to 90 digits. Each number is linked to each letter to simplify individuals to scan through their cards for a particular square. Below are the notes and number connections.

B 1– 15

I 16– 30

N 31– 45

G 46– 60

O 61– 75

During a bingo session, the host sets a target pattern for players to form—gamers from these winning patterns by marking the matching squares on their cards. Anyone who finishes the winning design with one of their cards and screams “Bingo” wins the session. After each session, every used card is removed from play, and all participants will need to acquire new ones for the following session.

Prizes for each session vary with the patterns and the variety of individuals. Simple ones that require only five to 10 squares to finish usually give reduced prize money, while ones that call for 15 to 25 or the total square supply an unbelievably colossal payment. When a website that provides online Bingo for money is complete, the payout quantity tends to be incredibly high.

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Both games use lottery game gameplay that entails arbitrary numbers and tickets. Regardless of resemblances between both games, there are distinct functions for both tombola gameplay and Bingo.


Tombola cards have 15 numbers with 5 numbers in 3 rows, while Bingo has 25 numbers on a 5 × 5 grid with a vacuum in the middle of the N column. While Tombola has the minor variety of squares required to load, it can take longer to fill any row, given that every type of number fills up any room. Each column includes a collection of numbers in Bingo, such as B having only 1 to 15 or N having 31 to 45.

Due to the patterns on the card, it is possible to have a quick session with Bingo if it just includes the numbers in one column. When you play online bingo sessions with easy patterns, the sessions tend to be fast while using a decent cash prize.


When a gamer completes a pattern in Bingo, the video game is over, and everybody requires to obtain new ones for the next session. However, this is not the situation for the Tombola. A session proceeds after an individual finishes one of the winning patterns. With one session having several rounds, one player can win multiple games with the winning cards.


Bingo and Tombola have distinctive gameplays and traits that make them feel various for any player. Regardless of their difference, both lotto game games are delightful for any online casino customer searching for slow-burn enjoyment.

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