James Bond is conveniently among the most iconic personalities to have beautified books and the cinema. The character has endured a myriad of treacherous conditions and, 24 films, later on, are still with us today. Though 007 is commonly seen playing baccarat in the movie, the writer Ian Fleming’s game of choice for the character was live roulette. In the novel “Gambling establishment Royale”, Bond uses a wagering system he produced to conquer the probabilities. Gamblers from all over the globe have been amazed at the James Bond roulette system.

James Bond is easily among the most legendary characters to have graced books and the silver screen. The personality has endured through a myriad of unsafe conditions and also, 24 movies later, is still with us today. Though 007 is usually seen playing baccarat in the film, Ian Fleming’s game of option for the character was live roulette. In the novel “Casino site Royale”, Bond uses a wagering system he created to conquer the chances. Since then, individuals from all over the globe have been amazed at the James Bond roulette approach.

What Is the James Bond Live Roulette Strategy?

The James Bond wagering approach is a flat wagering system utilized by bettors to try and rake up revenues in a brief period. Remember that it can not ensure a win, as the chance of a loss will always exist, unlike many live roulette wagering systems. The concept is to combine chances of varied payments to increase the profits. The gamer assigns 20 units per round, which the player determines.

These 20 devices will be divided according to the following system:

  • The initial 14 chips are positioned on 19-36 (High).
  • The following 5 units will undoubtedly be placed on the 13-18 Sixline.
  • The last system is positioned Straight Up on the zero.

To put it simply, your wager on one round must allot 70% to the Outdoors bet, 25% on the Sixline, as well as 5% on the solitary absolutely no. This strategy is not made with the American roulette wheel in mind, on which the house has a substantially higher side than on the European wheel. The suggestion is to cover several possible results in a single wager without striking lessening returns. You are covering two rewarding (5:1 as well as 35:1) but dangerous stakes and hedging them with a 1:1 Outdoors wager that causes coverage of 67.50% of the wheel.

The great deal most of the moment, there is constantly the possibility of you shedding. Bankroll administration is necessary– never wager more significant than what you can pay for to lose and always play cautiously. Your home will certainly constantly win!

How Does the James Bond Live Roulette Betting Technique Work?

As pointed out, the wagers are divided by percent of the total stake; proportion needs to be preserved for this strategy to work. If you intend to bet an unlimited amount of EUR20 in one round, your bets will be split right into EUR14, EUR5, and EUR1 on numbers 19-36, 13-18, and 0, respectively.

Numbers 19-36:This is an even-money Outside bet, which pays 1:1 on a win. Even though the payment is reasonably tiny, James Bond stakes 70% of his devices right here mainly because this wager is much more likely ahead. The possibility of a win on an even-money Outdoors bet is roughly 50%.

Numbers 13-18: This wager covers 6 more numbers on the wheel as an Inside bet, 13-14-15-16-17-18 for a payout of 5:1. Below is where you position 25% of your overall wager. Inside wagers do not strike as usual, yet they are pretty much more rewarding than even-money bets.

Number 0: This is the academic money-maker wager in your wager. Considering that you will undoubtedly be placing only 5% of your devices here if you win– you win big. The payment for touchdown 0 is 35:1. If you’re using a double-zero wheel, consider making your last wager a Split in between 0 and 00, which has a payment of 17:1.

Formerly, we’ve pointed out that the James Bond strategy covers over 67% of the wheel; however, it’s not around trial and error on the wheel. This technique is all about the standard predicted revenue. Allow’s a state that 30 shows up on your first spin– you will undoubtedly win a total of EUR14. Because the Sixline and the Straight Up zero wagers both shed in this case, you are entrusted EUR8 in profit. That leaves you with a revenue of EUR10. If there are absolutely no victories, you will delight in a win of EUR35, of which EUR16 is revenue.

What occurs if you shed?

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 Some bettors advise doubling the stakes on the next spin, utilizing the concepts of the Martingale. Nonetheless, this method poses the danger of sustaining even more losses.

The method tends to be potentially financially rewarding in the short term (if good luck is on your side). Nonetheless, the longer you play, the opportunity of you acquiring losses becomes significantly greater. Therefore, it would constantly be wiser to position reduced bets while utilizing this system and squander without exhausting your gameplay.

Will Making Use Of the Martingale Betting Development Be Useful?

Some believe that utilizing the Martingale betting progression system will help you recoup your losses when you shed with the James Bond strategy. While this can aid to do so (based on pure luck), it isn’t considered a viable remedy unless you have a great deal of expendable income to gamble away. Some think using the Martingale wagering progression because by doubling down on your shedding rounds; you can potentially cover the drawbacks of the James Bond method. Nevertheless, based on your luck, this can either assist you in recovering your losses or put you in a deeper hole.

Advantages as well as Drawbacks of the James Bond Roulette Technique


  • It is a suitable technique to make use of in the short term.
  • It functions well with smaller-sized wagers too.
  • This technique covers over half of the roulette wheel in three short bets.


  • As are most live roulette approaches, this is almost assured to stop working in the future.
  • It is a high-risk approach.
  • Like Bond’s infamous EUR140-50-10 ratio, placing huge bets is inherently riskier.

Final Words

The James Bond roulette approach is a decent strategy for playing roulette because of its potentially more significant profits. Since it involves spreading the bet amounts throughout most of the numbers, minor units can cause commendable jackpots. Unlike most live roulette methods, this set does not rely on losing or winning touches; instead, it aims to control the odds in favor of the player. Unfortunately, roulette is a lottery, and even with the very best roulette technique can never ensure a win. Please play properly.

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